Srpski prevod
Fornet ltd.

Managing forests

After passing the Law on restitution it was started the process of return of property, among the other, and monastery forests to the Serbian Orthodox Church.

On the 1st of March in 2009 Fornet ltd signed a contract with the Eparchy of Branicevo for forest managing on the total area of 6500 ha.

  • Zaova 110 ha
  • Nimnik 45 ha
  • Tuman 620 ha
  • Gornjak 770 ha
  • Vitovnica 1090 ha
  • Miljkovo 30 ha
  • Tomić 49 ha
  • Manasija 3794 ha
  • Sveta Petka 76 ha

Monastery forests department is situated in Senjski rudnik. Monastery forests and forest land of Branicevo Eparchy are discontinued, and lay on in the area of North and South Kučaj.

Those forests are situated in the area of following municipalities: Veliko Gradiste, Malo Crniće, Petrovac, Žagubica and Despotovac.